Winter 2016 in Fell's Point

Winter 2016 in Fell's Point

Gorilla King Comics is on Part Time Genius! Check the link above to listen, and skip to the 29 minute mark if you just want to get straight to the content!

Here at Gorilla King Comics we believe that you, the end consumer of our products, are like the Gods Of Valhalla. We are but your lowly supplicants.

We believe that sequential art is the highest form of storytelling. We believe that gaily clad musclemen should pummel each other in the streets with lamp posts and other large objects. It's their right and it's their privilege.

We believe there are comics being made in places you've never heard of before that will change your life forever after you read them. Did you know that The Incredible Hulk once ate a man and stole his pants? It was awesome. We believe that if comics are a religion, then your friendly local comic book shop should be like a church. We want to be your weird comics church.

Join us.